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The website and its founders' shady operations - both were former owners of Village Voice Media in NY and were involved in starting or operating alternative media companies - are explored in detail in the documentary I am Jane Doe, which is available on Netflix.

The chief executive of a website that authorities have dubbed a lucrative nationwide "online brothel" pleaded guilty Thursday to state and federal charges including conspiracy and money laundering, and agreed to testify in ongoing prosecutions against others at Backpage.com, authorities said.

The plea deal also included admissions from Ferrer that a large number of the site's ads were for sex services and that he schemed with others to launder proceeds from the ads after credit card companies and banks wouldn't do business with them.

Ryan O'Connor, of Hannacroix, entered his plea Wednesday in Ulster County Court before Judge Donald Williams, according to a news release from the District Attorney's Office. The hearing will resume Monday.

The various plea agreements call for Mr. Ferrer to shut down Backpage.com worldwide, offer the site'so data into police officers, and also collaborate in the prosecution of its creators, Michael Lacey and James Larkin.

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If he disapproves of the execution of the law by subordinate Justice Department officers, he can remove them. He has said in the past he wanted the two bills to be reconciled before the committee could consider it.

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Larry Brown previous year threw out pimping conspiracy and other state charges against Backpage's operators. Two years ago, he launched his office's Human Trafficking and Transnational/Organized Crime Section, which prosecutes human traffickers around the state of Texas.

Breitbart Texas and Breitbart News have reported extensively on the taking down of Backpage.com by law enforcement officials and numerous human trafficking crimes prosecuted against sex trafficking perpetrators who used the website for their marketing. It also executed a search warrant on the Dallas headquarters of Backpage, uncovering evidence that was critical in building a case against Ferrer and the company.

The plea agreement provides that, if Ferrer fails to comply with either of these requirements, the plea agreement shall be null and void and the United States may bring additional charges against Ferrer.

On Oct. 6, 2016, the CEO of Backpage.com was arrested at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport after arriving on a flight from Amsterdam. The Dutch-owned company is incorporated in DE, but its principal place of business is in Dallas.

Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer pleaded guilty to human trafficking in three states.