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At times, including in questioning by Representative Greg Walden on Wednesday, Zuckerberg answered direct questions about Facebook's data harvesting by talking about Facebook's features for choosing who can see a photo or post on Facebook.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced questions from lawmakers about his company's censorship of Catholic content during his two-day congressional hearing following the revelation that millions of Facebook users' personal data had been compromised. "I do think that we can do a better job of explaining how advertising works", Zuckerberg said as he finished his response, but he did not explain that Facebook's ad system works by harnessing all the pieces of information from social network users. And numerous lawmakers present were primarily preoccupied with allegations of anti-conservative bias at Facebook, a line of questioning that failed to produce any illuminating answers.

Facebook shares in the U.S. were up 1.5 per cent on Wednesday (local time) after dips earlier in the day.

The stakes are high for both Zuckerberg and his company.

The California Consumer Privacy Act, if passed, would require companies like Facebook and Google to be transparent about the data they collect from users.

"If you're logged into Facebook and visit a website with the Like button, your browser sends us information about your visit", Facebook says.

The founder and CEO of #Facebook, the most widely used social media network, was called on by #American lawmakers for supporting the regulations of the tech industry [VIDEO].

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"Data is the new oil", Kelly said. "But at the same time it doesn't seem like future activities are prevented". With the first hearing on Tuesday and the second on Wednesday, Zuckerberg confessed a variety of ways Facebook has misused user data. A number of the Russian ads were on Facebook.

Facebook has been notifying the tens of millions who were affected by the data breach. He assured senators the company would handle the situation differently today.

All three are open to the idea of regulation if it restores trust, but not if it stifles innovation.

"Yesterday when we talked, I gave the relatively harmless example that I'm communicating with my friends on Facebook and indicate that I love a certain kind of chocolate".

Republicans have yet to get behind any legislation, but that could change.

Addressing these privacy concerns, Senator Dick Durbin asked Zuckerberg if he would be comfortable sharing the name of the hotel where he was staying. He had two encounters, one with the Senate and one with the House. It was my mistake, and I'm sorry.

It gathers too much personal information and disseminates it recklessly. He also said that the firm will be increasing resources to investigate apps and take appropriate actions.