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Climate change was a hot topic at a rally in support of science held in Winnipeg Saturday.

Cigliano's message was one of many shared at the rally Saturday afternoon, where people sported "Blue Wave" shirts and signs saying "science is not a liberal conspiracy" and "I'm with her" with an arrow pointing to the earth.

"This is not politically motivated".

Speakers at the event didn't limit themselves to issues directly related to science and climate change.

"Science is one of the bastions of hope of civilization", said Whitehouse, 54.

In Washington, DC, more than 500 people donned white lab coats and carried signs that said, "Science not Silence" and "Make America Smart Again" a play on Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again".

"We need to let members of Congress.and the president and everyone in Washington and Harrisburg that we're here and if you vote against science and you vote against education and the environment, we're going to vote against you", he said. The second annual march was meant to unite, educate and encourage the public to keep political leaders and policymakers accountable for enacting evidence-based policies for the common good.

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"We developed our understanding of our place in the universe because of the telescope".

Earl, who is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Saskatchewan, said one of his biggest concerns is how the internet is being used to spread misinformation.

"I would get a lot of pushback and obstacles, and they would say "No, we don't accept illegals" without considering my scientific ability at all", she said.

"At the same time we happen to be lucky or fortunate to be on this planet that has just the right conditions for our existence". "We have to overcome the reality that few or no faculty share our identities or fully understand our situation on campus and how we have to relate back to our communities".

Inadequate investments in science and higher education, accompanied by public policies that are based on prejudices and the media promotion of pseudoscience and superstition as well as institutional clientelism are some of the main sore spots of Croatian society, the organisers of the two marches for science have said.

McDonald was staffing a booth promoting American Gut, a self-proclaimed citizen science project that aims to sequence and study millions of donated stools to better understand how individual human microbiomes can save lives.

He said whether it's hog barns, sewer systems or the tracking of phosphates in the water, decisions should be rooted in science before government funds them.