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McKinley suggested the company has the information necessary to take down the listings, but has yet to do so.

Whether he supports BROWSER legislation, a bill that requires internet companies to allow users to opt in or opt out of any company use of their personal information.

Facebook may be under scrutiny from privacy regulators, and its CEO in the hot seat in front of Congress, but the social network doesn't expect any of this outrage to affect its bottom line.

He also said he was not familiar with what various media reports call "shadow profiles", collections of data assembled on Facebook users that they have no knowledge of or control over. Senators and representatives know that Facebook directly affects a huge proportion of their constituents who were shocked - SHOCKED - by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. "There are two sides of Facebook, one is Facebook itself and the other is a tool for individuals to share their information with particular people and particular communities". I bet he never expected to be in this kind of seat. Others asked the CEO about Facebook's restriction of a page belonging to pro-Trump vloggers "Diamond and Silk".

Have you deleted your Facebook account in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Republican Senator Orin Hatch asked Zuckerberg at the hearing if Facebook will always be free. "With all due respect, Facebook is actually enabling an illegal activity, and in so doing, you are hurting people".

In February, a Belgian court ruled that Facebook had violated European privacy law with such tracking because it hadn't obtained consent either to collect or store the data.

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The Dutch-owned company is incorporated in DE , but its principal place of business is in Dallas. Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer pleaded guilty to human trafficking in three states.

That's the picture of your kid on a college tour at Harvard even though they'd be lucky to get in to a state school.

"I think it's time to ask if Facebook has moved too fast and broken too many things", Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) stated at the beginning of this morning's hearing.

Fraser concluded that the 10 companies that got his email address were ad agencies.

It's been a big week for Facebook. She doesn't even have a Facebook account, and she believes the diaper coupons started to come because they had purchased diapers for her grandchild using her credit card. The reality is that "online privacy" is only a mirage because tech giants have had plenty of information on all of us for many years. Zuckerberg's direct response was, "It certainly doesn't feel like that to me".

Zuckerberg faced tougher questions from House lawmakers over Facebook's stance than during Tuesday's five-hour session in the Senate, where his defense of data sharing was weakly challenged. Even more astounding, when questioned by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo if Zuckerberg would consider changing its business model for the betterment of user privacy, he simply responded that he was "not sure what that means".

The social network is in the process of letting up to 87 million users know that their information may have been accessed by Cambridge Analytica.