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The ovarian tumour was diagnosed after the 38-year-old woman reported rapid weight gain of about 4.5kg per week over a two-month period.

A team of dedicated surgeons, physicians, and medical staff successfully resected a 132-pound benign mucinous ovarian tumor from a 38-year-old woman in a single surgery.

Amazingly, the patient got to go home just two weeks after her surgery and did not require any additional treatment.

"During the surgery, we removed this big tumor that originated from her left ovary". She said that when the patient came at Danbury Hospital to consult, she was extremely malnourished and could barely walk because of the swelling in her leg and the weight of the ginormous tumor.

"During the surgery, we removed this huge tumor that originated from her left ovary", Andikyan tells CNN. On Valentine's Day 2018, doctors carried out a five-hour surgery, which involved removing the tumor and reconstructing the patient's abdomen all in the same procedure.

Andikyan added the woman is able to have more children if she wanted to.

When a CT scan revealed a large ovarian mass, she was referred to Vaagn Andikyan, MD from the Western Connecticut Medical Group.

According to rough estimates, the prevalence of ovarian cysts is said to be around 8 percent and 18 percent among premenopausal and postmenopausal women respectively.

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The tumour was though benign, was compressing nearby blood vessels and was therefore a threat to the patient's life, CNN quoted the doctor as saying.

The difference between mucinous tumors and other ovarian tumors is that these tend to be filled with mucus, making them (typically) very large and heavy.

Every day, their patient's risk grew along with her tumour. "It may be in the top 10 or 20 tumors of this size removed worldwide".

"There were a lot of issues related to this very large tumor in the abdomen".

A 25-pound tumor can be expected, Andikyan says, but a 132-pound one is rare and a surprise even to the doctors.

Pathologists have been conducting genetic tests on the tumour to learn why it grew so quickly.

Eight weeks after the surgery, the woman was back to her normal weight and her normal life.

A boring or sharp ache in the lower abdomen, bloating or a constant feeling of fullness are possible signs of a cyst.