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They demand the Starbucks manager who called police be fired and that the officers who arrested the men face the same fate.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, says he wants to personally apologize to the two men involved in this arrest.

Starbucks is trying to ramp down a racially charged uproar over the arrest of two black men at one of its stores in Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the manager in question has left the company as it continues its investigation into the situation. On "Good Morning America", he said he did not want to "point blame" for the arrests. "The circumstances surrounding the incident and the outcome in our store on Thursday were reprehensible". "I immediately thought about him and his safety". "Just an apology not gone get it", he continued. Police were called when the men did not leave.

A woman can be heard in the video saying "they didn't do anything, I saw the entire thing". "This is personal and I have to do something here".

Protesters are rallying against a popular coffee company in the streets of Philly, after two black men were arrested Thursday from a Starbucks. Some stood in front of the counter, holding banners that said: "End Stop and Frisk". "The arrest of the two men created a risky body blow to a brand that typically takes bows, not punches".

The incident is a major blow to Starbucks' image, since the company has promoted its coffee shops as neighborhood hangouts where anyone is welcome. And why, in the video of the arrests that went viral last week, is the manager not seen intervening, despite several customers taking the arresting officers to task?

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After the sit-in, the protesters moved on to the Starbucks location at 15th and Latimer, which they entered and reiterated their demands. "That didn't happen in this case", Johnson added. The police should not have been called in this situation.

The two men in the video were not identified but were released from the district office due to lack of evidence.

Commissioner Ross said that less than three years ago, one of their own sergeants tried using a Starbucks bathroom without ordering anything and was told to leave.

"Creating an environment that is both safe and welcoming for everyone is paramount for every store", he said.

Q: Do you know more about what happened? "And that is what we're focused on".

The head of Starbucks is keeping it 100 on what turned into a headline-generating disaster for the iconic coffee franchise. At the time, online comments were so virulent that the head of Starbucks' global public relations operations temporarily suspended his Twitter account. The company said it hopes the meeting will occur this week while Johnson is in Philadelphia addressing the controversy over their arrests.

Wimmer said the man whom the two men were there to meet, Andrew Yaffe, runs a real estate development firm and said he wanted to meet the men to discuss business investment opportunities.