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At the end of the movie, Thanos wipes away half of humanity in the universe, including numerous Avengers. That emotional depth was the drive for Peter Parker to be the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

The third instalment in the "Avengers" franchise checked itself into the record books by becoming the highest earning Hollywood release in India which has raked in more than Rs 200 crore. Adding that he, "can't wait for the fans to see Ant-Man and The Wasp when it arrives at cinemas later this year", provided cinemas still exist and have not been carpet-bombed.

Twitter user ashley_renae shared an image from the official Infinity War magazine that featured a snippet of an interview with Paltrow who was discussing the evolution of Tony and Pepper's relationship and somehow managed to drop numerous spoilers. Asked if they were concerned it would make kids cry, the two compared it to the adventure franchise film that made them cry as kids: The Empire Strikes Back.

But more important than confirming the pregnancy, this points to there being a time jump from Infinity War to Avengers 4.

One of the highlights of the superhero flick is the tumultuous relationship between Doctor Strange and Tony Stark, both of whom butt heads with each other throughout the movie thanks in part to their equally big egos.

"Pepper and Tony have had a real long journey together", Paltrow said. Well, we know the broad strokes but have little in the way of specifics. Expect Disney/Marvel to make some title announcements (along with an Avengers 4 title confirmation) during some massive, already-planned event in the months to come.

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It is jampacked with everyone's favorite superheroes - Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther.

So it's not so great that Gwyneth Paltrow may have just spoiled one aspect of that finale: the fate of one of the movie's biggest stars - Tony Stark. "I think people have interpreted it as Hulk's scared", the co-director said.

"Infinity War" has something for everyone.

Iger also said this "doesn't necessarily mean that you won't see more "Avengers" down the road", so perhaps the MCU could loosely adapt a comic mini-series called "Avengers vs. X-Men" in the future.

The Hulk might actually just be exhausted of smashing - not necessarily scared - in Avengers: Infinity War, according to co-director Joe Russo.