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Just as Bethesda had promised, a Rage 2 gameplay trailer is now available to watch. That was just another tease though, for today when we get our first look at actual gameplay thanks to the official RAGE 2 gameplay trailer, which you can check out below. Arguably, this is a smart business decision by Bethesda and developers id Software and Avalanche Studios, as the game will not be impacted by any loot box laws that are implemented between now and the game's 2019 release date. After being prematurely revealed by Walmart Canada (along with a bunch of other unannounced games!) and the announcement trailer prematurely leaking online, the Rage Twitter account jumped into life and confirmed the news.

In the game players will play as Walker, one of the last Rangers of the dreaded wastelands.

The asteroid mentioned in the trailer has resulted in Earth's population being reduced by 80 percent, and the "Authority" organization has attempted to take control.

Rage 2 is real after all. There will be vehicular combat, "super-powered first-person mayhem", gangs to be defeated, and a wasteland that must be searched to find the tools needed to gain that justice and freedom. Rage was a first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world. Hell, we don't even know yet whether this is being developed by id or not.

Aerial footage shows damage to flood-stricken Grand Forks
Residents are being asked to register at the Grand Forks Curling Rink located at 7230 21st St., in Grand Forks or the Midway Community Centre at 692 7th Ave., Midway, B.C.

Additionally, the Vineland Ranger is an Arkist - the last of his kind with special Nanotrite abilities.

"Rage 2" is a sequel to - you guessed it - "Rage", a 2011 game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Of course, there are still plenty of guns, and we see Walker put them to good use as he leaps dozens of feet into the air and lays waste to outlaws and robotic enemies alike. "If you can see it, you can drive it". He can also charge his weapons with these Nanotrites to make them much more powerful. There's also mention of an ability called Overdrive, which allegedly lets you "push your guns beyond their mechanical limits", whatever that might mean. When timed correctly, Overdrive is more than enough to tip the scales in a tricky fight.

We do, however, have a few details about the game revealed by the games own section on the Bethesda website.

That seems to be it for official information for the moment - Bethesda points out that the next time it will be showing off Rage 2 will be as part of its E3 showcase on Monday, June 11 at 03h30 AM.