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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which investigates companies accused of deceptive practices related to data security, declined comment on the password glitch.

- Type in your current Twitter password, then type a new password, type it again to verify it, save your changes and you're good to go.

Read the full message below.

A bug caused the passwords to be written on an internal computer log before the hashing process was completed, the blog said. "We have fixed the bug, and our investigation shows no indication of breach or misuse by anyone", Twitter posted in a blog on May 3.

Whether a company like Twitter tells you to or not, it's always a good idea to periodically change your online passwords.

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While Twitter has built a solid core base of celebrities, politicians and journalists, it has failed to match the broader appeal of Facebook and other social platforms, hurting its ability to bring in ad revenues.

Of course, changing passwords after such an incident is theoretically ideal, and one can understand why Twitter would issue such advice. That change is a process called hashing, and the jumbled version is called a hashed password. Hashing replaces passwords with randomized numbers and letters and allows Twitter to confirm users' credentials without exposing their actual password, the company said. This is an industry standard, according to Twitter.

So should I change my Twitter password? Taking 5 minutes to secure your account now could save you a world of pain later on.

The least you should do is to turn on Twitter's two-factor authentication option, or "login verification", if you haven't already.

Now, hop into your Twitter account and make sure you're looking at the main feed.