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He was allowed to register because federal law doesn't require people who are homeless because of a natural disaster to have documents they might not have, NBCDFW.com reported.

Gilstrap-Portley was voted the District 11-5A offensive player of the year by coaches. Dallas ISD officials think that the motive behind this was to play basketball, Harris said.

The Morning-News notes that officials "believe his primary motivation was to play basketball". "Seven years later, he was still playing high school basketball and, according to Hinojosa, who had watched Gilstrap-Portley play at a playoff game, 'he didn't look any different than the other students'". He was found out as an imposter when a former basketball coach spotted him at a tournament last month. Authorities say the supposedly 17-year-old was actually 25-year-old Sidney Gilstrap-Portley, looking for a second taste of athletic glory. The woman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said her 14-year-old knew the man as Rashun Richardson and thought he was 17.

"Even after reading some of their text messages he would say, 'Like, you know, I know all these girls are saying things to you - but I'm choosing you, '" the mom said.

"He was fairly savvy to be able to utilise that type of position, knowing that we were accepting Harvey students".

Gilstrap-Portley was kicked out, arrested, and is facing felony charges.

USA welcomes release of Malaysian political leader Anwar
His release clears the way for him to return to politics, but it is unlikely he will take over as prime minister anytime soon. The events were being streamed live on Facebook by local media and one account had attracted almost 8000 viewers.

"He fooled us. He did", said Christopher Bayer, the principal at Hillcrest High.

This mother said her daughter told her that the two had kissed and he had touched her "inappropriately".

Still, Hinojosa empathizes with parents' concerns: "You send your kid to be safe at school and to participate in extracurricular activities and this should not happen".

Gilstrap-Portley later transferred to Hillcrest High School, attended classes and played for its basketball team. The detective said Gilstrap-Portley also has a young child, according to the mother.

Gilstrap-Portley saw this as an opportunity to dust off his sneakers and hit the hardwood like it was 2011. "This is a unique situation that shows us areas that need improving when we open our doors to students in times of need".

I don't understand the desire to go back to high school, myself.