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Apparently, Thanos was too powerful, so the studio made the decision to make some changes, which would later give the players some advantage in the game.

Following the addition of the limited time Infinity Gauntlet mode in Fortnite earlier this week, the development team at Epic Games officially made a decision to nerf Thanos after monitoring player feedback for the new LTM. The tweaks to Thanos will also allow other players to get their chance to try and wipe out the competition with the snap of their fingers. Another brought a popcorn-gobbling Thanos to the Chitauri invasion of NY in The Avengers. The comments on Reddit so far indicate that most players are disappointed that he's been nerfed so soon, and were happy with him as he was, with some suggesting he should be even more OP. Fortnite is famous for its dancing emotes, so of course players have been uploading clips of Thanos busting out some sick moves.

We're glad they did though, the cross-over is a super fun addition to the game. Additionally, punch damage is increased from 80 to 100. While Thanos can not build in Fortnite, becoming him does grant players a series of stat buffs to make them more powerful than other players in head to head combat.

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So they increased his maximum health from 700 to 800, so he's still a danger to anyone who faces the villain of "Infinity War". Additionally, the spawn rate for med kits, chug jugs, and big shields are increased.

So there you have it. Now there's a website to let you know if you survive or end up as just another statistic in the ever growing Thanos body count.