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Google also surprised viewers when it debuted a new Duplex tool that enables Assistant to call businesses and schedule appointments or make reservations.

"Today we announce Google Duplex, a new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry out "real world" tasks over the phone".

Using Google Duplex, which the search giant revealed on Monday, time-strapped smartphone owners can ask their phone to make a call on their behalf.

At I/O, Google unsurprisingly showed off an innocent demonstration of its AI calling a salon to book a haircut appointment and a restaurant to book a table. It used Google DeepMind's new WaveNet audio-generation technique and other advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to replicate human speech patterns. Should Duplex identify itself as non-human or would that significantly diminish its chances of success and its efficacy? In the course of the conversation the system is told it wouldn't need a reservation for that many people on that particular day.

We'll see what that looks like when the Duplex technology rolls out in testing as a part of Google Assistant this summer.

The most talked-about, futuristic product from Google's developer show isn't even finished yet - and Google hasn't agreed how to do it. So, the program Duplex right on the stage called the hairdresser.

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Granted it's only been a handful of days since the technology was introduced on stage by CEO Sundar Pichai during the company's I/O 2018 developers' conference, there has been no evidence of such a feature now existing.

It's unclear how Google intends to make those disclosures.

Among them: Is it fair - or even legal - to trick people into talking to an AI system that effectively records all of its conversations?

Google has responded to the worries, claiming that Assistant will properly identify itself when making such calls in the future. To this, Google promised that its AI Assistant would make sure that it lets the other person know that they're talking to a bot. Moreover, there were also questions about the abuse of the Duplex Technology like in election campaigns. A neural network that Google developed two years ago can detect evidence of diabetic retinopathy using just the images of the eye.

Other improvements include the ability to trigger multiple actions with a single, custom command, and a forthcoming feature called "Pretty Please" that is created to encourage children to be polite in their interactions with Google Assistant, and, hopefully, everyone else.