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You can think of VPS as the intersection between Street View, augmented reality, and the existing navigation system of Maps.

There are also algorithmically designed "Foodie List" and "Trending this week" lists that show you what's new and interesting and where the trendmakers in an area are hanging out.

Google Maps is adding a "For you" section as well.

Lin stressed that the feed isn't so much about the volume of information but about presenting the right information at the right time and for the right person. Among the things the technology giant first showcased at the event are the new features that are coming to the Google Maps app this year. You can choose to follow neighborhoods and dining spots you want to try so you'll always have an idea for your next outing.

"You can also tell us about your food and drink preferences", she said, "so we'll know if you enjoy certain types of cuisines or restaurant types, like family friendly spots or places with live music".

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Using the power of machine learning and data that Google Maps has gathered on you, the service will recommend what percentage of a match a selected food or drink venue is to your preferences. The system will leverage what it already knows about you, where you've been before and whether you've made ratings to places previously. Based on the demo I saw, the team actually did a really nice job with this.

The camera-powered Google Maps can also act as a helpful search engine.

Google News Initiative, a recently launched venture that aims to help grow and innovative the world of journalism and news on a global scale. We'll find out for sure when both of the new features roll out globally to Android (and iOS) devices, which Google says will happen in the coming months.

Google Maps will be able to update faster and more accurately, thanks to having access directly from satellite feeds and camera archives, allowing more rural places and places that have changing infrastructure to be updated faster.