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To use the new tool, you must use the new version of Gmail.

Earlier Google Supported offline mode through a separate Gmail Offline Chrome app. Taylor Kerns, writing for Android Police, points out that disabling and re-enabling the new Gmail seems to help.

Nudge identifies important emails in your inbox and tells you the number of days ago it was sent and asks if you want to reply, helping you stay productive. This means you can't just read the emails but also archive them, delete them, write and search as well, all without the need of an internet connection. The new Gmail interface brings forth a bunch of new options. Offline mail defaults to "off".

Gmail Offline only syncs the messages for the account you were using when you set it up.

The new settings will not get enabled instantly. Hopefully it will eventually cut back on the amount of time you spend typing out mundane emails. The storage demonstrates to you how much storage space you are utilizing for offline mail on your PC, which changes relies upon your hard drive measure. While offline access is certainly not something that all Gmail users need, some might want to have access to some or even emails all the time. It may take a few hours to resync the mailbox. So, go and explore what are some of the other promising features that Gmail has rolled-out just for you.

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With the redesigned Gmail, Google has brought an interesting new feature called 'Confidential Mode.' As the name suggests, it lets users have full control over how their email is going to be used. In case you haven't done it yet, open Gmail, click on the gear icon on the top right and then click on "Try the new Gmail".

Go the Settings tab and click on Settings. You'll be able to enable or disable nudges by toggling the Suggest emails to reply to box or the Suggest emails to follow up on box.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

The feature is neat, but as one might expect, it doesn't work well if you stray from the usual phrases and email formats.