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The New York Daily News, one of President Donald Trump's hometown tabloids, skewered Ivanka Trump with a brutal cover on Tuesday that blasted the first daughter for her celebration of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. In the version submitted to reporters, however, the administration neglected to include an important-and controversial-line from the top Trump aide.

After Kushner's speech saying people would remember that day as part of a "journey to peace", Colbert said "we'll see if there's peace but we'll definitely remember". Before Monday's deaths, which Gaza officials say include six minors, Israeli snipers had killed almost 50 Palestinian protesters. In January, after Trump told a bipartisan immigration meeting the would "like" to support a clean DACA bill, the White House removed the president's comment from the recorded statement. In response, critics of the administration made a decision to offer their thoughts. "Like, 'Sorry buddy, you gotta be 21.' 'That's no way to talk to the president of the United States".

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Hamilton also became the first F1 driver to finish in the points in 30 consecutive races. Lewis Hamilton sprays champagne as he celebrates on the podium after winning the race.

Ivanka Trump has been a frequent target for criticism among opponents of Donald Trump, with accusations that her White House position amounts to nepotism and that she hides behind her relationship with her father.

While Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are returning to the United States, the protests in Gaza continue and are expected to ramp up again after the funerals of protesters killed in this week's clashes. And, no, the "on" there was not a typo - she actually said that.