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The European Union is meddling in Italy's domestic politics, according to League leader Matteo Salvini.

As Italy moves closer to the formation of a government between the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) and Lega (League), a leak to Huffington Post of a 40-page policy contract between the two Eurosceptic parties that details their roadmap rattled global markets on Wednesday.

The two parties held a sixth day of negotiations aimed at creating a government and ending 10 weeks of political stalemate following an inconclusive election on March 4.

The League and the Five Stars emerged as the relative winners of Italy's general election in early March, and have been negotiating a government deal - or "contract", as the two parties are dubbing it - for the past week.

It proposes that European Union sanctions against Russian Federation be dropped immediately, and includes a watered-down EU section that no longer talks about exiting the single currency but asks that unspecified "certain responsibilities" be repatriated to individual member states.

Yields on 10-year U.S. Treasuries have risen above 3.10 percent this week for the firs time since July 2011, continuing to weigh on stocks as investors considered whether U.S. government bonds might be more attractive than riskier equities.

"The more they insult us, the more they threaten us, the more they blackmail us, the more desire I have to embark on this challenge", he said. In recent days, Mr Salvini has been trying to push Mr Di Maio towards a more confrontational attitude with regard to Brussels on everything from the single currency to budget rules and migration policy.

Monti was appointed a life senator by the Italian president in order to make him eligible to be the prime minister, the office normally being held by an elected politician.

This will now be something to watch as populism is back on the agenda for markets where the coalition has radical ideas to free up billions of euros for tax cuts and welfare.

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They have both vowed to scrap an unpopular pension reform - a move that would punch a 15-billion-euro (RM70 million) hole in state coffers.

The two anti-system parties have completed the joint policy programme for a coalition government and have passed the document to leaders for their approval.

Luigi Di Maio, the M5S leader, and Roberto Salvini, the League's leader, have agreed so far to abolish a pension reform and lower the age of retirement. "We can not go to Brussels with positions that are far apart", he said. "Italy is of the highest importance for the European Union".

"It's very clear that in current times of economic growth Italy needs to put its debt on a downwards trajectory", he said in an event organized by Politico in Brussels.

The League has promised a tougher line on migrants arriving from Africa and denounced Avramopoulos's comments.

"There is no time to lose, there is no space for technocrat government", League leader Matteo Salvini said in a statement.

However, three sources within 5-Star, which was founded in 2009 and has no experience of national government, said the main stumbling point remained who should head the administration.

Turning to other issues that have snarled Rome's relations with Europe, the draft calls for asylum seekers who arrive in Italy to be relocated automatically across the European Union.