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In London, the Tories gained seats in Hillingdon - which some had touted as a potential Labour target - and won nine more seats in Sutton, despite the area remaining in Lib Dem control. But what is the reality?

The United Kingdom's Labour Party sustained significant loses in a local council election in one of the United Kingdom's most heavily populated Jewish districts amid ongoing allegations of anti-Semitism against its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and within the party. In Westminster and Wandsworth, Labour has more seats than at any time since 1986 along with a record number of seats in Croydon, Ealing, Redbridge and Waltham Forest.

The Conservatives had to hold the four seats they were defending and pick up two gains. They gained control of Richmond council and retained power in Cheltenham, Sutton and Eastleigh. The Conservatives lost 31 council seats in the elections, taking their total to 1330. The Lib Dems took 39 seats, a gain of 21 councillors, pushing the Conservatives back to just six.

Mr Corbyn sought to put a fearless face on overnight results which saw Labour pick up more than 50 seats but gain control of only one council, in Plymouth.

Ukip suffered a bloodbath, with dozens of councillors culled and its own general secretary comparing the party to the Black Death.

According a projection by Sky's elections analyst Michael Thrasher, the Conservatives would have 296 seats, Labour 270, the SNP 35, the Lib Dems 26 and other parties 23.

Repeated at a general election, the United Kingdom would be heading for another hung parliament, suggesting that public sentiment has barely shifted since Jeremy Corbyn wiped out Theresa May's Commons majority a year ago.

Ms May's party gained control of four councils largely thanks to a lack of turnout from Ukip.

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The results will be a relief for May, whose leadership has been in question since she called an unnecessary general election last June in which she lost her parliamentary majority.

"We have seen Labour - who thought they would be sweeping the board in London. not gaining a single council in London". Labour's vote share there rose by around 5% on 2014.

Mr Corbyn's party lost Nuneaton and Bedworth - an area that often indicates the colour of the government at general elections - as well as Derby and fell short of gaining control in areas like Swindon, Dudley and Walsall, where they had hoped to establish middle England strongholds.

"Seventy percent of the Conservative vote are people that voted Leave".

At this stage in the electoral cycle you would expect Labour to have a more decisive lead - and yet these results confirm that the gridlock of the general election is unbroken.

"My slight qualifier is that the shrinking of the council could affect us, it will be more hard to reach people".

They aren't always in a majority, but all over the country there are similar stories: this new intake of radical councillors will help to improve the party's local performance by making a real difference to council policies and people's lives across Britain.

He added: 'Here's a councillor who brought shame on the borough on an global level and was welcomed back into the fold with open arms simply to grab control to the council. We need to do a bit of reflecting on it.