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"If you pay attention to the low pitches or the base sounds in that recording, you primarily hear Laurel". What about laurel and yanny?

If you go back to the original source, which is a vocabulary site, the clip is clearly Laurel.

Input from celebrities has inflamed the frenzy: "It's Yanny", horror writer Stephen King said in a deadpan tweet.

What's causing 10,000,000 people to hear such different sounds?

The recording is saying the word ...

Catherine Marino, an audiologist, Main Line Health said, "Because they're grouped so close together I think the brain is having a hard time distinguishing one or the other".

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I believe the original recording was meant to be a synthesis of "Laurel", but the speech generation method in this case was just kind of shoddy - leading to the very understandable misperception. How one hears it is similar to how people viewed a dress on the internet three years ago.

Dr. Nicole Rosen, an associate linguistics professor at the University of Manitoba, said she hears Laurel, but it depends mainly on the frequency people are hearing it.

Any while most listeners were divided on if they heard "Yanny" or "Laurel," some people said they heard both after multiple listens.

"Oh wow, I heard Laurel, you heard Laurel that time, I did, I swear this morning I heard Yanny".

"There really isn't a true reality, there is only our perceptual reality", Crum said. His classmates could not agree on what word they were hearing.

The part of the brain called the superior temporal gyrus (located above either ear) is extremely important in how we perceive sounds, and particularly speech.