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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu humiliated the ayatollah regime by unmasking its duplicitous nature and showing the world the staggering amount of nuclear files that Mossad secretly smuggled from Iran.

It is a conflict that needs to be averted and the time to do it is now. He called on Sunni Arab Gulf states, which have drawn closer to Israel in recent years over a shared enmity toward Iran, to "come out of the closet" and establish with Israel an "axis of moderate states" in the Middle East. Convoys have been intercepted and weapons stores bombed.

In the past, Israel has rarely commented on its military activity in Syria where it is believed to have conducted multiple sets of airstrikes against Iranian forces. Israel has pledged to prevent Iran and Hezbollah from forming a Lebanese-Syria front against it.

Russia's 2015 intervention in Syria changed the strategic balance decisively in favour of Bashar al-Assad's regime. Under the agreement, negotiated by the United States, three European Union powers, Russia, and China, Iran was banned from pursuing a nuclear program in exchange for economic sanctions being lifted against the Islamic nation. Iran has an advantage here because it is already on the winning side in the wars in Syria and Iraq.

Last month, an attack on Syria's T4 air base in the central Homs province killed seven Iranian military personnel.

In Yemen, the war in its fourth year is seen as a proxy between Saudi Arabia and Iran and can be a place for Tehran to retaliate and increase pressure.

Russian Federation is not in talks with the Syrian government about supplying advanced S-300 ground-to-air missiles and does not think they are needed, the Izvestia daily cited a top Kremlin aide as saying on Friday, in an apparent U-turn by Moscow, Reuters reports. In 1974, Israel and Syria reached a cease-fire and a disengagement deal that froze the conflict lines with the plateau in Israeli hands.

Israel blamed Iran's al-Quds force for firing missiles targeting Israeli military positions inside the Golan Heights, and said no damage and no casualties were reported.

Israel says it destroyed the launcher from which these were fired.

"An opportunity has arisen for Israel to uproot Iran from Syria, and we'll take advantage of this opportunity", he told crowds at an event in Tel Aviv on Saturday.

The only alternative left for Mr Trump would be military action, particularly if Iran goes back to enriching uranium as it is likely to do, given that the U.S. has sunk the deal restraining it from doing so.

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In the short-term, there is grounds to hope that this will not escalate into an all-out war. "We are located here facing Syria and Lebanon and this is the reality which we will overcome together, especially with the IDF (Israel Defence Forces)", said Alex Gudish, a Golan settler. Israel's response was massive.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman noted that: "No-one wants an escalation - certainly no-one wants war".

In a bilateral meeting after the celebrations, Netanyahu said that Israel has the "obligation and right to defend itself against Iranian aggression, from Syrian territory".

Russia, generally friendly to Israel but fighting in Syria's civil war on the same side as Iran, called on both to show restraint and resolve differences through diplomatic means.

The stakes here are huge.

Washington's influence in the region is waning.

Israel officials have downplayed a link between the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and the immediate escalation in tensions, though Israelis on the Golan Heights were ordered to open their bomb shelters at the very moment Trump made his announcement.

It is a gloomy picture.

A showdown had seemed inevitable between the two Middle East powers.

"When the president of Russian Federation invites the prime minister of the state of the Jews to stand alongside him at the parade symbolizing the Red Army's victory over the Nazis, its liberation, also, of the (concentration) camps, of Jews and others - for Russian Federation, that is very significant", Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told the Ynet news site.