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The new map will be available from 3am United Kingdom on Friday, and should pop up in your Steam library as "Experimental Server" if you own PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC. Well, it looks like they are finally trying now, not only revealing the name of the game's next map, but also the reasoning behind it.

Measuring 4x4km, Sanhok will be the smallest map in PUBG, creating a much more intense, action-packed gameplay experience. Formerly called Savage, the 4x4 map will now be known as Sanhok.

Everyone who owns a copy of PUBG on PC will be able to participate in this new round of testing. Once the executable is downloaded and installed, you'll be ready to play in all future Sanhok tests as well. The map features a cave which can be parachuted into with multiple exits available, and is based around islands in the Philippines and Thailand.

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Fox News however, quoting Western sources said an Iranian military base in Syria was the target of the attack. Iran has promised to hit again in opposition to Israeli-led assaults aimed toward Iranian outposts in Syria.

Combine the two and you get Codename: Savage's new name: Sanhok (pronounced "sah-nok").

The experimental server hosting the new map will open at 10 PM EST on May 10 and will be available until 7 AM EST on Monday, the 14th. Currently, Erangel and recently released Miramar are the only playable maps in the popular battle royale game.

Overall, PUBG Corps said that the map's full reelase is "only a couple of months away", so this should at least give some time for PUBG players to check out Sanhok and cure their itch for a new map sometime soon.