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Though talk of a sequel started up shortly after Rage's release, those plans were quickly shelved so Bethesda and id Software could turn their attention toward developing a new title in the DOOM franchise.

A gameplay trailer for RAGE 2 will release tomorrow, May 15.

Rage 2 is true. This new trailer looks to be continuing that blend of worlds with the pure insanity that comes across from the various raiders posing and fighting.

There is no in-game footage, but according to Bethesda, tomorrow at 7am PST/3pm BST, there will be.

After two leaks, one for the game itself and one for its teaser trailer, Bethesda have finally officially announced the arrival of Rage 2 with a teaser trailer.

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Bethesda didn't share many details about the Rage 2 on its page, but it did share some key details about the upcoming game.

Certainly the look of the fashion on the person getting on the bus in the above tweet wouldn't be out of place in the original RAGE. It looks somewhat like a scene out of Mad Max with all the insane gear and equipment the characters come equipped with.

That leak revealed a number of big games set to be showcased at E3 2018, including Rage 2. Since the company is already revealing a gameplay trailer, it's likely the release date will be some time soon, perhaps even by the end of the year. Tell us in the comments. It is developed in association with Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios.

As well as its visuals, Rage impressed with its combat and enemy AI. Only time will tell and we won't have to wait long to find out. Without the need to fill maps with pointless check points.

Or Bethesda is just using real-world locations to make a quick ARG-style campaign. Looks like that's sticking around, too - the trailer begins with a first-person view of climbing into a jury-rigged auto and some painted-up wheels spinning. It's then, presumably, that we'll see what's changed in the seven years that the Rage series has sat dormant. It'd an lengthy improvement cycle which saw founder I d Software swap from preliminary publisher e a to Bethesda. The announcement was taken down but not before there was a spark in the entire gaming world.