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Kehlani, a self-described queer performer, also took to social media Friday to voice her concerns about the song's "harmful lyrics". Bebe Rexha, best known for "Meant To Be", her chart-topping collab with Florida Georgia Line, rounds out the jam-packed feature lineup. It's not quite a coming out moment, though - asked point-blank whether she identifies as bisexual or sexually fluid, the singer defers, saying: "I think the way..."

Rita then goes on to sing: "I am excited, I'm open-minded / I'm 50/50, and I'm never gonna hide it / You should know". "But the real message is just about freedom and acceptance, and being what you want to be, and it being OK".

It is worth noting that Perry apologized for "I Kissed A Girl" and said that she would rewrite the song to remove problematic stereotypes. It's the kind of scream-from-the-rooftops, sing-with-your-friends-in-the-car, jump-on-the-couches-at-a-sleepover celebration I needed to hear in my early adolescence.

OK, but what does that mean though? "I feel grateful for the reminder that the songwriting world is full of people that feel entitled to write about communities to which they do not belong", she commented.

Speaking to Billboard, Rita explained: "I think they all represent such different things, which is why I think this collaboration is so fun and unique from all the others".

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But he, and the rest of the company, was surprised by the election results and had few connections to Trump's circles. In his companywide email, Stephenson acknowledged that his "Washington D.C. team's vetting process clearly failed".

She added, "I'm not hiding what I am, who I am, if I wanna do this, if I wanna do that".

"I like the freedom of being able to flirt with whoever I want". What's your favorite queer song of all time?

"I don't need to drink wine to kiss girls; I've loved women my entire life", she wrote on Twitter. Absolutely not. But this song doesn't read as problematic to me.

On "Girls", Ora, Rexha, Charli, and Cardi proclaim their desire to kiss other women after smoking joints and drinking red wine. Certain lyrics also play on stereotypical notions of bisexuality with lyrics like "I ain't one-sided, I'm opened minded / I'm fifty-fifty".

Ora used the release of the song as an opportunity to come out as bisexual.