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But she has a tough road ahead in the general election.

It was in Georgia where she made her mark with a number of historic achievements.

Abrams had the support of organizations that spanned the gambit of the "establishment" while running on a strong progressive platform and her campaign centered mobilizing black and low-income voters, displaying a radically different theory of politics than the dominant view in past elections of courting middle-class moderates, which has largely proved unsuccessful for Democrats. The most significant thing about this latest phase of the run-up to the November midterms is that three of these four states are firmly in the crosshairs of the Democratic Party.

She then justified her out-of-state political contributions by saying Georgia is a "national state". Ortiz Jones is an Iraq War veteran who'll face off with Republican Will Hurd in November.

As more states hold primaries, the influence of women on the Democratic Party and its election chances has grown.

Abrams had approximately 300,000 (76.5 percent) more votes than her competitor.

Evans looked to a strategy similar to Ossoff's, hoping to win back white voters who had gone for Republicans in Georgia since 2002. Abrams said she saved the scholarship from further cuts and negotiated added benefits. Six Democrats appeared on the primary ballot.

It is not entirely impossible for a modern-day Democrat to win the gubernatorial election in Georgia, though it has been 15 years since it last happened.

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There were no big surprises in the Texas congressional primaries but, in the gubernatorial race, openly gay Latina Lupe Valdez topped a list of nine Democrats to run against Greg Abbott in November. Republicans still outnumbered them by more than 53,400 votes. Only 48 percent were Democrats.

Abrams is an underdog with a compelling backstory.

On the side, using the pen name Selena Montgomery, she published several romance novels with titles such as "Hidden Sins" and "Secrets and Lies". Now, she will attempt to become the country's first black woman governor. She resigned her seat last summer to focus on the gubernatorial campaign.

But being the maverick that she is, Abrams plans to give it a try.

Ms Abrams campaign was plagued by allegations of ethics violations, including that she reimbursed herself money from campaign accounts without record and that she used campaign resources to promote book sales from which she personally profited. Earlier this year, her financial disclosure forms showed more than $220,000 in personal debt, including $50,000 owed to the IRS.

Perry said that Abrams has been successful in galvanizing the young vote as well. She blamed the rest on credit card debt accumulated to support herself during law school and additional financial burdens she took on to help support her aging parents. Republican House Majority Leader Jonathan Shell lost to a math teacher mobilized by the recent teacher strike activism (please cherish the following sentence: "Shell did not answer a phone call from The Associated Press seeking comment after the race Tuesday.").

Republicans are already arguing the public can't trust Abrams.

"Tonight, communities that are so often overlooked-whose values are never voiced-stood with us to say: 'Ours is the Georgia of tomorrow, '" Abrams told voters Tuesday after her primary win. The NRA endorsed Cagle soon after.