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Barr, a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump who has previously used Twitter to voice hard-right and conspiracy theorist views, has been dropped by her talent agency ICM amid a wave of public outrage over the tweet. The initial tweet outraged fans and as well as her own castmates.

She also faulted Iger for not apologizing to Trump after ESPN personality Jemele Hill called Trump a "white supremacist".

But she took it to a new level Tuesday when she posted a racist tweet describing Valerie Jarrett, who is black and a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, as the offspring of "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes". "I want us to be better than that, that's what I mean by the cream rises to the top that we don't need to do that".

Meanwhile, Barr insisted she is not racist.

Mental illness does not give a person a "free pass" for bad behaviour, tweeted Michael Fischer, "signed the rest of us with mental illnesses who aren't lucky enough to have a celeb cape for us on twitter". She reposted a tweet by Sara Gilbert, the actress who played her daughter, Darlene, on the show and served as executive producer.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about his ex-wife's racist tweets that led to the cancellation of her sitcom "Roseanne", the 59-year-old suggested she may have "wanted" the show over. "I am disappointed in her actions to say the least".

"Then you've heard more than I have", he said.

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"We didn't know what was going to happen", Mr. Rasmussen said of her Twitter account.

He said he doesn't know anything about Barr's tweets, including one that featured a racial slur against Valerie Jarrett, a former aide to President Obama. Several conservative figures stepped forward to defend Barr after she was sacked, decrying a hypocritical Hollywood culture and censorship in the name of an overzealous political correctness. "And then if her insane tweets came out, she could point to that and say, "But I have taken a step back".

She empathised with Trump's criticism on social media.

Late Tuesday and into Wednesday morning Barr called that message "unforgiveable".

Indeed, Barr made new headlines in 2016 when she revealed her support for Trump, later insisting that she was still "a radical" and had voted for Trump to "shake up the status quo & the staid establishment".

For cast and crew members that did have longer-term contracts, Barr's show-sinking tweet could be deemed, odd as it sounds, an "act of God".

"You're not going to believe this, but she tweeted something outrageous", Kimmel said sarcastically.