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Separately, Pakistan's foreign ministry said it would apply travel restrictions to all US diplomatic staff similar to those applied by Washington, according to a notification sent to the US Embassy on Friday and obtained by Reuters.

According to the United States decision, Pakistani diplomats, at the embassy in Washington and four consulates in New York, Los Angeles, Texas and Chicago, will need to stay within 40 km of the city of their posting.

An American attempt to bring back its diplomat involved in the killing of a youth in Islamabad after Pakistan barred Col Joseph Emanuel Hall from leaving the country. Noting that Hall enjoyed diplomatic immunity, the court, however, asked the government to decide within two weeks whether or not Col Hall should be placed on the Exit Control List.

Two security officials said on Saturday that the plane at Nur Khan air base arriving to carry USA military attaché Col. Joseph Emanuel Hall out of Pakistan has returned after he failed to get clearance.

The officials have said that the US diplomat, Col Joseph Hall, who is serving as defense attache in the US Embassy in Islamabad, was looking to fly out of the country in a special plane which arrived in Nur Khan Air Base from Bagram airfield in Afghanistan.

When Col Hall reached the airbase with eight people from the U.S Embassy accompanying him, he was refused permission to board the aircraft, ostensibly under instructions from hardline elements of the Pakistan establishment.

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"This is a development that could well develop into a full-blown crisis for relations if it's not resolved soon", said Michael Kugelman, a South Asia specialist at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington.

'Since Joseph is understood to have diplomatic immunity, Pakistan's refusal to let him leave the country will be seen by Washington as a wholly unjustifiable and illegal act, ' he added.

At the time of the accident that claimed the life of a motorcyclist and injured his companion, the U.S. embassy in fact had also offered full cooperation but Saturday's act on part of the United States reflects it does not value the blood of any other person except its own citizens.

Idris Baig, the father of man killed in the accident, said in an interview that he was satisfied with the current proceedings.

'We are ready for agreement but on the condition of his arrest, ' he said, referring to Colonel Hall.