It's not a presidential election year, but the 2018 election will decide races for seats at the highest levels of the federal and state governments. There are contested primaries for lieutenant governor in both parties.

"I'm hoping for 30 percent", said Jody Leech, chair of the Crawford County Republican Party. The race has attracted a crowded field of Republicans. "I don't know what turnout is going to be like".

Among the Democrats are Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, who carried the district in his losing 2016 campaign against Republican U.S. Sen.

Incumbent Sen. Robert Casey Jr. will face no challenger in the Democratic primary. When you go to the polls, or in the mail, you will be given three separate ballots, one for the Democratic Party, one for the Republican Party and one for the Green Party.

Two of Philadelphia's three new congressional districts lie entirely within the city, while the 5th District includes portions of South Philadelphia and Delaware County. DiNicola and Rieger both are attorneys while Multari is a physician.

Incumbent Wolf will face no challengers in the Democratic primary for governor.

In the 1st District, the victor in the matchup between Democrats Alonzo Pennington and Paul Walker will challenge U.S. Rep. James Comer in November. On the Republican side, state Sen. About a quarter of the Jefferson County ballots were in, as of early Tuesday. Republicans are settling primary races to challenge one Democratic incumbent and to run in November's general election for four open seats.

If he's beaten, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack would become the first officeholder to lose re-election since Pennsylvania allowed lieutenant governors to run for a second term in the 1970s.

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Last month, Commerce accused ZTE of violating the agreement and blocked ZTE from importing American components for seven years. The official described a possible deal with ZTE as a "confidence building measure", leading up to broader deal with China.

In Oregon, the most interesting primary is the GOP contest to choose an opponent for Governor Kate Brown.

Republican Congressman Ryan Fitzpatrick is also in the crosshairs of Democrats in a swing district, the Post reports.

The Democratic ballot in the 2nd District includes Hank Linderman, Brian Pedigo, Rane Eir Olivia Sessions and Grant Short.

Some 81 candidates are running for 18 congressional seats, including 10 Democrats in a single race. Idaho Democrats largely back him, but national liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood and Democracy for America endorsed his competition, state Rep. Paulette Jordan, who would be Idaho's first female governor and the first female Native American governor in US history.

Candidates for the state House of Representatives across the region, including four incumbents, are unopposed for nomination in the primary election today, but following today's vote, they will be back in the fall in their bid for election to a two-year term.

Republican Rick Saccone, who lost to Lamb, is seeking redemption in a Pittsburgh-area district that favors the GOP.

Keith Gushard can be reached at 724-6370 or by email at Wagner is the party's endorsed candidate.

Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Idaho are all holding primaries Tuesday in what many are concluding will be a referendum on the Trump administration, Congress and the current political direction of the United States.