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Mr Netanyahu's lobbying against the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, which US President Donald Trump abandoned on Tuesday, has raised tensions further with Tehran.

Bahrain, a Gulf Arab country that rarely speaks to Israel, even condemned Iran's attack and asserted Israel's right to defend itself. Iranian media described the attacks as "unprecedented", but there was no official Iranian comment on Israel's claims. Israel's current defense minister said it took out most of Iran's infrastructure in Syria.

Qasem on Friday also condemned the worldwide community's silence over Israel's attacks in Syria.

Tehran is wary of a wider military conflagration with Israel that could jeopardize its military achievements in Syria at a time when it is trying to salvage the worldwide nuclear deal and may be limited in its ability to strike back.

Iran overnight finally launched its long-anticipated retaliatory attack on Israel after a series of IAF strikes on Iranian targets in Syria over the past three months. On Thursday, Israeli jets destroyed intelligence sites, weapons storage centres, and Syrian air defence systems.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said dozens of rockets were fired from Syria toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, but did not confirm they were fired by Iranian forces. Syria's military put the figure far lower. In the meantime, the analysts drew attention to the fact that the Israeli claims about the suspected Iranian attack actually lack solid proof. Israel accuses Tehran of seeking to establish a foothold on its doorstep, something it has vowed never to allow.

The Israeli military said in a statement that it "views this event with great severity and remains prepared for a wide variety of scenarios".

Israeli defence minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) had "hit nearly all of the Iranian infrastructure in Syria".

"We are not interested in the atomic bomb, but we are increasing our missile capabilities in other fields so that Israel can not sleep well", he was quoted as saying by semi-official ISNA News Agency.

Avigdor Lieberman says: "Assad, get rid of the Iranians. they are not helping you. their presence will only cause problems and damages".

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Mr Mahathir said he had replaced the country's attorney general, who had cleared Mr Najib of all wrongdoing in the scandal. I apologize for any shortcomings and mistakes, and I thank you, the people, for the opportunity to lead our great nation.

Meanwhile, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned on Thursday from a visit to Moscow, where he discussed the situation in Syria with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Israel had been preparing itself for weeks for possible Iranian retaliation.

A de-escalation zone agreed a year ago for southern Syria was meant to reduce violence, but Israel has not been reassured.

Russian Federation is basically Syria's and Iran's only strong ally. And Israel is equally determined to prevent this.

I blogged in April that while everyone talks about Russia, Syria, and America, the real story about Syria concerned Iran and Israel.

IDF spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said that none of the 20 rockets fired by Iranian forces across the border found their targets in Israel.

The Israeli army has instructed authorities in the Golan Heights, in the north of the country, to open civilian shelters. "These matters are very important to Israel's security at all times and especially at this time", he said. This has led Israel to warn Iran that the country "would respond to any attack". "It means we are on a collision course".

In February, Israel shot down what it said was an armed Iranian drone that entered Israeli airspace. Israel has not confirmed or denied the attacks.

In addition to its ally Hezbollah, a variety of Iranian militias have been active in the fighting, along with officers and advisers from the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Israel's recent attacks are the largest ones they have directed at Syria in decades according to BBC.