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The rest of the world, however, has spent the past day arguing about an audio clip of the word "Laurel" - or, intriguingly, as half of listeners hear it, of the word "Yanny".

An audio clip posted on social media has divided the Internet.

Some hear laurel. Others hear yanny. "However, your brain can't handle both at once, so it picks one and that is the version you hear".

"Obviously, what you hear is influenced by what playback device you have because that will alter frequency of that sound", she said. Is it like a high pitched squeaky kind of sound?' she asked. "The perception of 'Laurel" is experienced when the lower frequency information is dominant in the experience".

'Slightly deep sounding in fact, sounds like standard male voice text to speech'. When I presented it to a patient with hearing loss, he didn't hear either. Honestly why the heck would it be saying yanny anyway.

As the arguments were raging over social media, scientists were trying to figure out how can some people are hearing Laurel and some are hearing a completely different sounding word Yanny. "Yanny or Laurel" When the video played, some people heard "Laurel" while others clearly heard "Yanny".

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Indeed, in an informal survey of 20 employees at the Inquirer, Daily News, and Philly.com, the average age of those who heard yanny was 29, while the average age for hearing laurel was 37.

How does it sound? True black magic f**kery, ' someone admitted about their interpretation.

Story also said that, if you change the pitch of the original recording, you can hear both words.

First, there was "The dress", and now, there's "Yanny or Laurel?". The incoherent noises I heard before were gone for good.

And, like back then, there's a simple explanation for why people perceive one thing so differently - and science can explain it. "If you remove the high frequencies, you hear Laurel". What you expect to hear is, to a large extent, what your brain will hear-and what your brain hears is all that matters. The choices: Yanny or Laurel.

"I was born and raised in Laurel". Some are convinced people on the other side are just trolling them.