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During the tvOS segment of its keynote, the company started by boasting about having the largest library of 4K HDR movies, supported on last year's Apple TV 4K. You will need an Atmos-enabled soundbar, however.

Later this year, customers in the USA will have access to live channels and tens of thousands of on-demand programs via an all-new Spectrum TV app on their Apple TV 4K, iPhone and iPad, seamlessly integrated with Siri and the Apple TV App. Now if you hate the Apple TV Siri remote, you will be able to pick from select 3 party remotes that will natively work with your Apple TV.

Apple also announced a new Aerial of planet Earth, that was filmed by astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS). It will be the only streaming box to do so although it requires a compatible sound bar and TV. In France Apple TV will be the exclusive provider of Canal+, and in Switzerland Apple has partnered with Salt for a similar exclusive. Let's say your subscription to Charter Spectrum cable includes ESPN, Nick Jr. and a bunch of other channels.

Sick of signing into TV apps all the time?

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Apple TV introduced a better picture in 2017 with 4K HDR. It's perhaps not the most important new feature on the Apple TV, but good news for people who find screensavers fascinating, nonetheless.

Apple showed a picture of a old and busted cable set top box to make the point that more and more cable companies are turning to streaming boxes like the Apple TV to host their cable content. Aerial screensavers will also be more interactive, allowing viewers to see the location information and swipe between dozens of attractive aerials.

The Apple TV Remote will be automatically added to Control Center on iPhone or iPad for Apple TV users, giving users quick access to Apple TV controls.