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The park is near the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, a major Miami-area tourist and entertainment attraction.

As we previously told you, a witness told the police this morning he saw Shizuka standing near the water at one minute, and in the next she disappeared.

However, it remained unclear Friday what the witness saw.

Also investigating were officers from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

"He doesn't even know if she's still alive or not", the man said.

An animal trapper has spotted a gator in the water and estimated its size at 12 feet, CBS4 reported. Gallinal said the wildlife commission would take over the investigation. "It's sad to hear someone got hit by the gator". Their pet Tony returned home, unharmed.

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A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman told Local 10 the autopsy suggested the woman was attacked by the alligator, believed to be about 3.8 metres long.

People are encouraged to report alligator concerns to a hotline, 866-392-4286. With a swipe of its large neck, the gator weaponized its skull and clocked the Florida trapper right on his forehead.

It is not uncommon for alligators to be removed from householders' swimming pools, but their attacks on people are rare. "After an initial necropsy, evidence was found that indicates that the victim of this incident was bitten by the alligator that was captured earlier today". Behm said she saw the alligator two days before Matsuki was attacked. An alligator "seized and drowned" him in the water that was at the Miccosukee Indian reservation. With the reptile out of the water, divers were able to go into the lake to look for the body.

Officials said an airboat was deployed in the lake throughout the night, and the search continued at sunrise.

In Broward County in May 2006, a 28-year-old woman was killed by an alligator at the North New River Canal in Sunrise, the FWC said.

Ramsaran noted that there are many alligators in this lake but said there aren't signs warning the public that these animals are in the area.