The news website says that they changed their name because they now "burger" just as well as they "pancake". IHOP said Monday that it's temporarily changing its branding to IHOB with the B standing for burgers.

Predictions poured in with everything from the obvious like breakfast and bacon to bananas and bellinis, but ultimately the brand revealed it stands for burgers.

The wait is nearly over! - today, we find out what the mysterious "B" is all about in Ihop's name change. The temporary shift is turning out to be an effective publicity stunt aimed at advertising the restaurant's new burger menu.

Burgers. The "B" is for Burgers.

Meant to promote a new line of hamburgers as the restaurant chain tries to branch out from its breakfast niche, the switch is part of a marketing campaign and not an actual rebranding, company officials told CNN. Options included biscuits, bacon, butternut squash or barnacles.

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IHOb has been mocked mercilessly for the name change, and the Phillies couldn't help but get in on the fun. The name is not a permanent change and, yes, they will still serve pancakes.

The company known for breakfast already had burgers on the menu, but is adding a line made of Black Angus ground beef.

"Burgers so burgerin' good, we changed out name to IHOb".

"@IHOb so are you still going to have pancakes and breakfast???"

Reaction to the name change on social media ranges from excitement and anticipation to confused and baffled.