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Venture capitalist Tim Draper's initiative needed 365,880 validated signatures to qualify.

A proposal to split California into three states will be on California's November ballot.

And in the far north region of California, some residents have pushed to form a new state with parts of southern OR, and wouldn't be keen on being lumped together with liberal San Francisco as envisioned by Draper's map.

Northern California would include 40 counties from Santa Cruz to the OR border, including the Bay Area, the Sacramento region and parts of the San Joaquin Valley.

And Southern California, moving from Mono County along the state's eastern and southern borders to San Diego, and including Fresno and Kern counties.

-California would have approximately 12.3 million residents and would be centered around Los Angeles County. Then Draper switched to a three-state vision instead, and this time, his signature drive was successful.

The new Northern California would include 40 counties, including Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco as well as the state's wine country and rural northern areas. It could easily be bankrolled by some of the state's most powerful forces, especially those aligned with Democratic leaders.

This is how California would be split into three states if the Cal 3 initiative becomes reality
This is how California would be split into three states if the Cal 3 initiative becomes reality

Even if California voters supported the proposal in November, the California legislature would still have to vote in favor of it.

Draper has reasons for wanting to slice and dice his home state.

Throughout the 20th century and into the 21st, lawmakers put forth various proposals to split California in half or in thirds but none ever quite gained enough momentum.

Getting an initiative on a November 2016 ballot required about 808,000 signatures.

State officials say eligible ballot measures will become qualified on the 131st day prior to the next statewide general election. "Californians deserve a better future".

The ballot initiative describes the state of California as so enormous and diverse as to be "nearly ungovernable".

"This measure would cost taxpayers billions of dollars to pay for the massive transactional costs of breaking up the state, whether it be universities, parks, or retirement systems", Steven Maviglio, a political consultant who helped fight Draper's past proposals, said on Twitter. Another group proposes the creation of another state called New California, comprising mostly inland counties, over grievances of high-state taxes, regulation and single party politics.

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