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"As a member of the Society of Marine Biologists, we reach out to fishing communities living on the coasts to educate them about the dangers of plastic pollution, for the oceans are the dumping grounds of plastic". Indeed, it's peculiar that our home is over 70 per cent oceans, yet we fondly call our vessel Spaceship Earth.

"What we have in the communique is, agreed action across the board from all seven members", May said. The tragic truths that we do know tend to lead us to the same conclusion: we are literally choking the life out of oceans. Yearly, a colossal 1.4 billion tons of trash ends up in our lovely oceans. The organization has formed alliances with major corporations including adidas, Anheuser Busch InBev (Corona), Intel; the United Nations; the Maldives and collaborators spanning the worlds of science, art, fashion, design, entertainment, sports, and space and ocean exploration. Heightened acidity is weakening mollusca shells and making these creatures extra vulnerable to the elements.

Fethiye Times has pulled together some facts about the impact plastic pollution is having on our oceans, and in turn, our planet.

So, I welcome today's G7 Plastics Charter. Bringing your own canvas bags to the grocery store and using reusable water bottles are also good ways to reduce your use of plastic.

Regrettably, the damage has been done already.

After 25 years of the first World Oceans Day, in Rio de Janeiro, the actions of the date in 2018 emphasize the need to prevent plastic pollution.

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The square-shouldered Austrian tried his best to engage with Nadal rather than let Nadal's avalanche of statistics overwhelm him. At 2-1 in the fourth set, Nadal stopped serving during a game because he couldn't straighten his left middle finger.

Asia's most popular English Premier League club is aiming to even the score against plastic pollution with its new uniform, each of which is made out of 28 plastic bottles collected from beaches. These tiny plastic fragments fail to fully degrade, occupying large amounts of space with little visibility. How much of your vehicle is made of plastic? How much more do you think has been added since then? The resulting impact of plastic on marine and bird life is disastrous.

In December 2017, Dell announced its NextWave initiative aimed at reducing ocean litter by creating a global supply chain for ocean-bound plastic packaging.

Let us revisit the golden rules of responsible travel, and how we can help to save our oceans while travelling. According to a recent study, about 8 million tonnes plastic that we throw in our garbage bins ends up in the oceans, which besides ruining the beauty of our beaches gets ingested by marine animals and seabirds. It is one of many mounting challenges that humans are facing, but human endeavor and spirit has persevered for millennia.

It seems we have a problem with plastic.

The UN's website adds that the goal of the observance is to inform the public of the impact of human actions on the ocean, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and mobilize and unite the world's population on a project for the sustainable management of the world's oceans.