KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Members of the team then revealed that they've heard what people from a Doom sequel.

Unfortunately, that's all we know for now.

Vienna may host Putin-Trump summit
I can reiterate that in our last telephone conversation he expressed his concern about the threat of a new round of the arms race. The United States and Russia's relationship has remained a big part of Trump's presidency since the 2016 election.

A new entry in the DOOM series, DOOM Eternal, has been announced by Bethesda during the publisher's E3 2018 showcase. It's done it with Doom, it's done it with Wolfenstein, and it did it so successfully with Fallout 3 that the world has practically forgotten about the first two games produced by Interplay. A release date was not announced.

Following the trailer, id Software developers took the stage at E3 to share some more information about the game. Additionally, Bethesda Softworks also said that it would have a gameplay reveal ready for its fan just in time for Quakecon 2018, which will commence in August this year. The name is interesting; we're not sure if it's a straight sequel to the last game, or if it's something more, like an open world, perhaps. The teaser ended with a shot of Doom Slayer, AKA "Doomguy" putting on his iconic green helmet before jumping into the action.