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Brittany Kaiser, a director at Cambridge Analytica, met with Assange on February 17, 2017 to have a "retrospective" discussion about the election, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

"Giving evidence to a parliamentary committee, he admitted he was" foolish" to be captured in what he described as a "very well-organised sting" by Channel 4 News (C4N). She said: "But that worst possible picture, Mr Nix, was word for word what you told the journalists..." He added that the Financial Times newspaper had been wrong in its report that resources had been taken out of the business as its collapse loomed.

Mr Nix was forced to correct assertions that he had made to the MPs in a previous appearance. Facebook data was used by the British firm as part of its work, he said.

The fake news enquiry kicked off in thorny fashion, as Nix refused to answer committee chair Damian Collins' opening question about the current state of Cambridge Analytica.

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The letter from Thune and Nelson seeks the names of all manufacturers that received user data. The data was leaked by researcher Alksandr Kogan; after his admission that he did pass on the data to Cambridge Analytica, Nix retracted his version of events to admit his company did receive Facebook-generated data.

Nix acknowledged he should have been clearer when asked at an earlier hearing whether his firm had Facebook data through Global Science Research, a company that collected data from users in the guise of a personality test. But he defended the now-defunct consultancy's reputation and said he felt victimised.

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"My focus was on whether we still held the data".

Mounting a staunch defence against an undercover television documentary that showed Mr Nix boasting of sexual entrapment and other "darks arts" of political campaigning, he said this was a "lie to impress". He also claimed, he had allegedly used "beautiful" Ukrainian sex workers to seduce politicians. "I can't be any more blunt than that".

Nix claims the data has since been deleted; he also claims that the company's whistleblower Christopher Wylie is lying about Cambridge Analytica's role in the European Union referendum campaign.

"It's not only deeply embarrassing, but it's something I regret enormously", he said.

Mr Lucas retorted: "Facts are what we are presenting to you".

The Polo-playing product of the renowned public school Eton College reiterated his denial that the firm had worked on the campaigns to secure the British departure from the European Union in the 2016 referendum.