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A volunteer firefighter cries after leaving El Rodeo village, south of Guatemala City, June 3, 2018, following the eruption of the Fuego Volcano. As expected, the death toll has since increased, reaching 75. Once a verdant collection of canyons, hillsides and farms, the area was reduced to a moonscape of ash by the avalanche of fast-moving molten rock, mud and debris.

Rescuers, police and journalists hurried to leave the area as a siren wailed and loudspeakers blared, "Evacuate".

On Tuesday, strong explosions billowed ash up more than 5000 meters above sea level and the dust was blowing east and northeast. Thick gray ash covering the stricken region was hardened by rainfall, making it even more hard to dig through the mud, rocks and debris that reached to the rooftops of homes. "That was the last time I saw her".

But the life they knew was gone.

The couple has been staying at a Mormon church in the nearby city of Escuintla and going to a morgue there to await news.

The institute says only 23 of the recovered bodies have been identified so far.

"The people ended up buried in almost 3 metres of lava", Ortiz said.

Other families experienced similar tragedies.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday night spoke with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, and offered him condolences for the deaths caused by the country's catastrophic volcanic eruption. Cabanas says some of the missing people could be among the unidentified bodies. "Send a helicopter to throw water over them because they are burning". "More than 20 have disappeared".

The fresh flows of ash, gas and rock spewing from the volcano, as well as seismic events have put the areas of El Jute and Las Lajas in danger.

Numerous dead were burned to death or suffocated from the poisonous gases released.

The heat from the ground is still reported to be so intense that in some cases it can "melt the soles of your shoes", said a CBS reporter.

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The National Forensic Sciences Agency said in a report Wednesday that morgues had received the remains of 99 people killed as a result of the eruption.

There are still at least 192 people missing, according to Sergio Cabañas, the executive secretary of Guatemala's National Coordination for Disaster Reduction. He said it was not immediately clear if some of those could be among the unidentified bodies. Some homes were buried to their roof lines in ash.

They have been helping children and families in Guatemala for ten years.

Fuego volcano exploded around noon on June 3, affecting more than 1.7 million people.

Firefighters said the chance of finding anyone alive amid the still-steaming terrain was practically nonexistent 72 hours after Sunday's volcanic explosion.

"You can't say all pyroclastic flows are always more unsafe than all lava flows, but you can generally say that pyroclastic flows are more risky than lavas overall", said Ken Rubin, chair of the Department of Geology and Geophysics and the University of Hawaii. Rescuers are still digging, but not for survivors.

Diaz said it can be a kind of "consolation" for the displaced, many of whom will never be able to return to their homes. Vazquez said that the dog's name is Rambo.

Vazquez had no explanation for how the dog survived while the people died.

Authorities have not offered any estimate of how many people might still be missing.

He also assured his closeness to the wounded and to those who are "working tirelessly to help the victims while asking the Lord to "bestow upon them all the gifts of solidarity, spiritual serenity and Christian hope".

A rescue team from Israel is also aiding with rescue efforts.