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E3 is nearly here and we got yet another leak with the reveal of Just Cause 4 from a pre-purchase ad on Steam showing the latest installment of the open-world action adventure series.

Just Cause 4, one of the least likely games mentioned in that massive Walmart Canada dump, does indeed exist. The image featured our lovable protagonist Rico Rodriguez in a stormy, jungle-like setting. After multiple refreshes, however, the Just Cause 4 tile is still there.

Publisher Square Enix and developer Avalanche Studios management will be issuing a big sigh, groan, or be sitting with heads in hands this morning after Steam managed to leak an unannounced game. Yeap, Just Cause 4 is real and Square Enix will officially reveal it at E3 2018.

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Upon clicking the listing, the front page does a refresh instead of taking you to the game's store page. It's also a safe bet that Just Cause 4 will be powered by Avalanche's in-house APEX engine, as all the other games they're working on. Although the success of Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 changed publisher Square Enix's mind and chose to pursue a single-player mode for the game.

The company will nearly certainly devote a lot of time to Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as E3 will be one of the best chances it has to market the game before its September 14 release date. It's a brand new IP from the studio, which sees the player explore and try to survive in a "reimagining of 1980's Sweden" where hostile machines have invaded the countryside. Like Just Cause 3, we won't be surprised to see a December release date.