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"I can't wait to get back on the workforce and get back to my community", she told a gathering of family members and supporters.

According to the A.C.L.U, Alice Marie Johnson has been imprisoned since 1996 on charges of cocaine distribution, possession, money laundering, conspiracy to structuring a monetary transaction, part of a drug ring in Memphis over a period of years.

On Thursday morning, President Trump tweeted, "Good luck to Alice Johnson". It was desperation that forced her hand. "It's hard to imagine that I have now served 20 years of my life sentence for that one mistake". Though Johnson said she feels she overpaid her debt for the crime that she committed, she refuses to focus on the past.

"When I popped up on her phone it was a moment when she knew that ... this is the person that she needs to do something [for]". "Because there are so many, as you've said, like me, who need to have the opportunity that I've had", she told GMA's Michael Strahan.

"Telling her for the first time and hearing her screams while crying together is a moment I will never forget", she added.

Kardashian West told the Mic that while meeting with Trump, he "really spent the time to listen to our case that we were making for Alice".

"Everyone has brought attention to this case and I just happened to see it on Twitter", Kardashian said.

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The reality star met with President Donald Trump to ask him to grant the 63-year-old clemency.

West also revealed that she herself broke the news to Johnson over the phone. In a piece she penned for CNN's website, she wrote, "Before my incarceration, I had a full life..." Everyone had a unanimous... feeling of Alice that she will live a great life...

Hers was not a miscarriage of justice case - Ms Johnson was guilty, but her lawyers argued the sentence was unduly harsh for a first time, non-violent offender.

One of Johnson's attorneys, Brittany K. Barnett, similarly applauded Johnson's clemency.

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