Kardashian West previously celebrated her husband's big day by sharing a touching message on Instagram alongside a picture of West holding their 4½-month-old daughter Chicago in his lap.

Kanye, who it turns out is a huge Family Feud fan, was all smiles throughout the entire show, and was even jokingly coaching his team while reminding them to give out the show's iconic supportive affirmation of "good answer" (even when most of his team's answers were extremely not good).

"Celebrity Family Feud" was the most-watched program in the country in the 8 p.m. hour Sunday, delivering 7.4 million viewers for ABC to the Tony Awards's 6.7 million on CBS despite a strong lead-in from "60 Minutes", which drew 7.8 million viewers.

Kanye West's birthday celebration, at his and Kim Kardashian's mansion, was a lot like a Kanye album - it featured tons of superstar guest rappers. and heavy doses of 'Ye himself. "Gotta have the Feud!". Kim Kardashian joined Kanye and his cousins, Kim Wallace, Jalil, and Ricky, to battle against Kris Jenner, Jenner's mother Mary Jo Shannon, Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, cousin Cici Bussy, and family friend Jonathan Cheban. I guess we, uh, win?' Kanye went to to open up about why he wants to lock the bedroom door to prevent his children from wandering in.

Ajit Pai says you’re going to love the death of net neutrality
Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has accused Democrats of "scare tactics" in their opposition to net neutrality repeal . But what's more likely to occur are subtle changes to your Internet experience that you may or may not notice.

Kim said: "I feel bad because they're sneaking in the room in the middle of the night". When Kim put out her hand for a shake, she was unapologetically rebuffed by her younger sister.

Asked to name someone "you'd hate to show up" at a wild, naked party, Kendall Jenner without hesitation told Harvey, "Donald Trump".

Seriously, his face must have hurt from smiling so much.