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Several Republican senators defied the White House Wednesday and pressed ahead with legislation that would require Congress to sign off on certain tariffs imposed by US President Donald Trump.

"He's a terrific leader", said Utah Republican Sen.

"He's obviously not pleased with this effort", Corker told reporters in Washington. "I also know the vast majority of our caucus would agree with this".

Corker's proposal would require the administration to submit to Congress any tariffs proposed on national security grounds, or Section 232, according to a source familiar with the bill.

"It's a difference of opinion", Corker said.

'I fail to see the national security threat when a Pennsylvanian decides to buy a Toyota Corolla, ' Toomey said.

"For too long Congress has ceded important policymaking authority to the executive branch on a wide range of issues", said Senator Johnson.

When 218 lawmakers sign a discharge petition, they can force a vote on a bill ― or, in this case, a number of bills ― on the second or fourth Monday of a month.

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Corker admitted that even with some bipartisan support, not every senator in his party would welcome this type of a bill. Trump tweeted about the obstruction and the need for McConnell to cancel the recess on May 12, writing, "Also waiting for approval of nearly 300 nominations, worst in history". Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican who has voted with Trump almost 92% of the time, said Congress should assert "its constitutional authorities on tariffs to ensure we don't undermine the significant economic progress we have made over the last 18 months". "At the same time, I was able to talk with him about why I felt it was necessary". "I think it made us realise our status in society is more delicate than a lot of us realised".

A senior Senate Democratic aide complained that canceling the recess will keep off the campaign trail several Democrats who are locked in tough campaigns for reelection during the November 6 midterms. "They have actually exceeded my expectations, and I think that they're far along enough where the conference meeting tomorrow will be meaningful", Rep. "In general, these kinds of tariffs are a big mistake, and using national security as an excuse is a bigger mistake".

There are plenty of Republicans who are willing to compromise.

Congress should pass an amendment to limit the president's ability to pass tariffs.

"There are people here that probably have concerns about going against the president", he said.

"Ensuring American businesses, consumers, and workers get a fair deal when it comes to trade is crucial - there's no doubt that we need to crack down on China for its efforts to prey on American technology. The only way to win it is not to fight".

The issue has bitterly divided Republicans, but almost all Democrats favor holding the debate and had signed the petition as of late last month.

Asked if his shortening of the recess was aimed at pressuring Democrats to halt delaying tactics against Trump's nominees, McConnell showed no willingness of reviving the break if the pace of nominations quickens. But that might not be constitutional. Mike Rounds, a Republican from South Dakota. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., saying he preferred to focus on 'getting bills passed'. "We don't want to find ourselves at the last second again trying to pass a budget".