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The purchases, and the resulting games to come from them, will help the company compete with Sony, which is known for its creative arthouse games, and Nintendo, which has seen a huge boost in popularity since announcing the Switch gaming console. During the early stages of this expo, video game juggernaut Microsoft gave a wonderful presentation.

Just before E3 2018, Microsoft claimed its Xbox One sales had increased by 15 percent year on year. The Standard Edition contains the base game while the Deluxe Edition comes with the game and the Car Pass for future car additions. The trailer presented at E3 wowed the crowd, featuring stunning visuals. The latest game in Nintendo's wildly popular fighting franchise will include every character from every previous "Smash Bros." game, including those absent for a while, like the Ice Climbers and Solid Snake.

The Redmond-based tech giant then formed the 343 Industries whose focus was to create more titles for the Halo series.

This is a sequel to 2015's Ori and the Blind Forest. The original game has players taking on hordes of the undead in a fun action-adventure game with elements of survival-horror. A week which debuts years of work and leaves fans across the globe counting the hours, minutes and seconds until the releases that will suck hours, minutes and seconds out of their lives. A Gears universe real-time strategy game was also announced.

“Metal Wolf Chaos XD” 2018

The million-dollar question is, when can we expect to see the Xbox Two?

Gears of War 5 returns to its roots with a darker tone.

You remember that one super hero movie with all the greatest super heroes - it's called Avengers or something like that? Microsoft's approach was a little different in accentuating backwards compatibility and a continued effort to make the Xbox a hub for all things media as well as gaming. Publishers have announced dozens of games, but surprisingly few new titles are coming this year. Impressed by their skills, Microsoft has taken this company under their own wings. These certainly weren't the only announcements made by Microsoft.

But part of the reason why companies had to take these steps is because each new platform generation brought significant changes with it.

Mum's parasite warning after daughter was left unable to walk
Fun and laughter aside, Jessica wants her readers to be aware that tick paralysis is both real and risky . Symptoms usually improve with 24 hours, according to the CDC, after the tick has been completely removed.