KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The Cleveland Cavaliers hope to avoid the sweep as they battle the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the NBA Finals at the Quicken Loans Arena on Friday. The Cavs straight-up looked like a team that gave up.

Stephen Curry, who was in the running for the award, registered a game-high 37 points and knocked down seven 3-pointers in Game 4. The team does not have much cap space to sign free agents and they lack assets for a significant trade. "The one thing I've always done is considered my family".

Golden State have won all three against the Cavaliers with the final game finishing in Cleveland for the second time and with speculation LeBron James could leave Cleveland.

But after nine trips to the NBA Finals, including in each of the last eight seasons, the 33-year-old Akron, Ohio, native only has three championships. "I remember sitting in this room three years ago; it seemed like a dream".

His finals record, though, doesn't really take that much from his legacy.

"I hope he stays". "The experience just helps".

James once again gave a heroic effort, but it was not enough to stem the overwhelming and balanced talent of Golden State, which came into the series looking for a sweep after Cleveland denied them the opportunity past year for a flawless playoffs run.

"KD has been unbelievable these last two years, especially in the finals and so deserving of back-to-back finals MVPs", Curry said. "It makes us come to work and try to play at that championship level every single day, and that's the hardest part". "It was definitely the toughest from the standpoint that it's the fourth year in a row that we've attempted to get back to the finals". This will be a sad National Basketball Association once this dynasty is done and on the other side, Lebron is out of the National Basketball Association as well. "For us to be back here, with all the injuries we went through, a different journey through the playoffs".

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And again, it was Durant, who added 12 rebounds and 10 assists - more satisfaction and validation for a player who couldn't beat the Warriors so he joined them.

James finished with 23 points.

"Even when you do defend them well, you've still got guys like Steph and K.D. and Klay (Thompson) who can make unbelievable shots, even when you play the best of defense".

The final on Friday night was Golden State 108, Cleveland 85.

That was his last finals with the Cavaliers before he left for the Miami Heat, and there's rampant speculation he could leave Cleveland again this offseason.

LeBron James sat in his locker, covered by more ice than clothing and his right hand - which he injured while punching a whiteboard following the Cavaliers' devastating Game 1 loss - wrapped. He said it was self-inflicted, but did not confirm that he punched a board.

The sheer ease of their disposal of the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers in the championship series sent a loud and clear message to the league that they are not about to vacate their perch any time soon. "I had emotions that you just don't get an opportunity like this on the road against Golden State to be able to get a Game 1". Well, I don't think anyone outside of LeBron James himself knows the answer.