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In an interview with Tom Swarbrick, May's ex-head of broadcasting in Downing street on LBC radio station, the prime minister announced that the the United Kingdom will be able to spend "around £600 million a week" more on the NHS by 2024, in what ministers are calling a "70th birthday present".

"The extra funding will come in part from the "Brexit dividend" - vast sums of money we will no longer send to the European Union after we have left - and the country will be asked to contribute a bit more for the NHS in a fair and balanced way", a No 10 spokesman said last night.

While welcoming the £20.5bn-a-year boost, the group says Brexit "poses the biggest risk to our health service in its history" and the public should get a vote on the final deal struck with Brussels.

It is expected that taxes and borrowing will rise to pay for the increase in funding, and resources will be redirected from the more than £9 billion a year the United Kingdom now pays into the EU.

The NHS has been struggling to cope with funding shortages in recent years, particularly during the flu-ridden winter months.

By 2023/24 there will be £20 billion more a year being spent on the NHS "in real terms", Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed.

She did not say how much of the funding would come from taxation or which taxes might go up.

Under the plans, the NHS budget, which now stands at £114 billion, will increase by an average of 3.4 percent a year.

Mrs May insisted the NHS was her "number on priority" as she outlined her plan to fund the 3.4% increased in the budget at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

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She continued: "despite more funding, more doctors and more nurses, and great progress on treatments, our NHS is under strain".

But the Sky Data poll found 47% of people do not think there will be "Brexit dividend", compared to 34% who did.

The Prime Minister has also said that "We will be publishing the green paper in due course on social care". So it is with some concern that we read the Prime Minister's plans to fund this latest investment through a so-called "Brexit dividend".

"The truth is that in spite of this welcome extra investment we will face hard choices and we need an honest debate about what the NHS can and cannot do", he said.

Theresa May has announced an extra £20bn by 2023 for NHS England - meaning a windfall for public services in Scotland under the Barnett formula.

Appearing on the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show on Monday morning, he said: "It is freaky that the government is deciding to bring this very toxic, divisive debate back into the NHS proposals".

The Health Foundation has been clear: the proposed funding increase is not enough.

The claim was controversial because the figure of 350 million pounds did not take into account Britain's sizeable rebate or the payments that were flowing back from the European Union to Britain, so it was widely seen as overstating Britain's contribution to the bloc.

Hunt states that the funding will help "deliver the improvements people desperately want from their NHS" including better cancer survival rates and reduced waiting times for mental health treatment.