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The quality and security of Steam voice chat have been revamped from the ground up, providing a new WebRTC-based backend, which comes with high-quality Opus encoding and encrypted traffic.

The very first thing that you may notice is that the chat interface is now detached from the main interface. Favored souls can be dragged to the top of the list where they will be added to your Favorites list, and it looks like voice or group chats can be made anytime. You can also see what exactly a friend is doing in the game, whether sitting at the main menu or now in a match.

Discord has become the de facto chat tool for gamers. But Steam isn't available everywhere, one core region yet to be tapped is China. You have the in-line media, the ability to create multiple text or voice channels in each group, and the ability to invite friends to a group with a link.it's nearly like someone at Valve opened Discord and chose to make the UI look more like Steams.

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All features of the client are available in a desktop version, as well, meaning users may continue conversations after having logged out of the Steam client.

Valve has built a fancy new page that describes all the new features, which can be found here. The company said that the "new UI framework" and "important architectural improvements under the hood" will allow it to improve aspects of the core Steam experience once the new Steam Chat makes its debut.

Valve games too will get a much-needed boost in the country, with Perfect World licensed to offer DotA 2 and CS:GO to Chinese gamers. Do you think that the new Steam Chat has what it takes to bring down Discord?