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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's right-hand man met with US President Donald Trump at the White House on Friday to deliver a letter from his leader that could pave the way to a historic nuclear summit.

The photo made rounds on social media, where theories abound about why Kim would have sent Trump what seemed like a comically oversized letter. "Oh, would you like to see what was in that letter?"

The question of who will foot the bill for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's anticipated upcoming stay in Singapore is just one of the logistical issues that will need to be hammered out ahead of the June 12 summit.

"I think it's probably going to be a very successful, ultimately a successful process", the USA president told reporters on the White House lawn. "We're going to start a process".

"Remember what I say.we will see what we will see".

Any payment for North Korean's accommodations would run afoul of Treasury Department sanctions, said Elizabeth Rosenberg, a former Treasury official.

During the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea set aside US$2.6 million to cover travel accommodations for a North Korean cheering squad, an art troupe and other members of the visiting delegation.

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"It's very unknown territory right now, because Kim Jong Un is fierce", Kim said. The huge letter is just part of meticulous steps taken by North Korea to present Kim as a legitimate worldwide statesman who is reasonable and capable of negotiating solutions and making deals, analysts say.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Trump said it was "a very nice letter" but did not reveal the contents of the letter.

Since then, preparations for the meeting kicked into high gear, with delegations from Washington and Pyongyang holding meetings in the demilitarized zone in North Korea and in NY.

After meeting with Kim Yong Chol on Thursday morning in New York, Pompeo said the two sides made "real progress" but declined to discuss specifics.

Fueling the concept is a misplaced belief in Washington that crippling economic sanctions changed North Korea's strategic calculus and made the communist country eager to seek a deal with the USA, according to Cho.

"Kim would begin by praising Trump's leadership and his "bold decision" to build up the summit", said Koh, who is also a policy adviser to the South Korean president. I don't say and I've never said it happens in one meeting. There could be a similar folder inside Trump's envelope, Koh said.

"Trump-Kim summit is the best opportunity to gain approval from the USA lawmakers for all-in-one agreement".