It was announced earlier this week that First Lady Melania Trump will skip both the G7 and the Singapore Summit.

Canada has made ridding the world's oceans of plastic pollution a signature issue and it is a central theme of the summit.

"Russia should be in this meeting", Trump told reporters upon leaving the White House for the summit, which is being held in Charlevoix, Canada. Before heading for Canada, President Trump complained about his hosts burning down the White House two centuries ago (actually, it was the British), while ignoring Americans' multiple, and largely disastrous, invasion attempts of Canada.

Solidifying his solo status on the world stage, Trump also lashed out at longtime allies over their criticism of his trade policies and plans an early exit from the G-7 meeting.

The U.S. president is lashing out on several fronts. "His preference now, and he asked me to convey this, is to actually negotiate with Mexico and Canada separately", Kudlow said on Fox News on Tuesday.

"Prime Minister Trudeau is being so indignant, bringing up the relationship that the USA and Canada had over the many years and all sorts of other things. but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300% on dairy - hurting our Farmers, killing our Agriculture!" And I'll tell you what, it's what I do. "Not fair to our farmers!", his Twitter feed states.

Trump's call for Russian Federation to be readmitted to the G7 came amid increasing tensions between the USA and key allies, as well as the president's increasingly warmer stance on Russian Federation.

"It won't even be hard and in the end, we'll all get along".

French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed on Thursday to confront U.S. President Donald Trump over his tariffs on steel and aluminum, which Macron called "unilateral and illegal".

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Trudeau addressed the president's Twitter blasts while visiting Quebec's Saguenay region on Thursday.

So great is the rift between traditional allies that some observers have suggested renaming the G7 summit the G6+1 - and Macron said they should not hesitate to reach agreements without Trump.

Trudeau said he would continue to stand up for Canadian dairy producers and the country's supply management system.

The U.S. president has recently whacked all the other members of the G7 with hefty steel and aluminum tariffs and is threatening to also impose tariffs on auto imports, which would also hit them hard.

Trump, for his part, has argued that the European Union countries and Canada have imposed tariffs on U.S. goods for years to the detriment of United States farmers and factories, though he did not mention any specific regulations.

Trudeau has worked hard to find common ground with the unpredictable president, but the personal bond he has tried to forge has been strained.

According to the sources, Trudeau pressed Trump on how he could justify the tariffs as a "national security" issue.

The tone in the immediate run-up to the meetings at La Malbaie showed no sign of compromise between a USA president determined to disrupt the status quo to force more favourable terms for the United States, and six U.S. allies resolved to stop him.

They also slapped tariffs on American goods from Levi Jeans and Harley Davidsons, to produce and metals.