Trump responded, "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?".

Before President Donald Trump sits down with a third-generation North Korean autocrat, he will face what may well turn out to be a tougher crowd - some of America's oldest allies.

However, there are believed to be divisions over the scale of the fightback, with Germany said to be resisting demands in some quarters for a more punitive response.

"There will be frank and sometimes hard discussions around the G7 table, particularly with the United States president on tariffs", Trudeau told reporters.

Macron's comments come as the leaders of the G7 countries are preparing to meet at a trade summit in Canada, which analysts expect will turn into a showdown on trade deals, given Trump's repeated insistence that the U.S. has the "worst trade deals ever made".

The two leaders also dismissed as absurd Trump's assertion of national security concerns.

Now, he went on to say there would be no "world hegemony" and that the six other countries, excluding the U.S., represent "a real force at the worldwide level" today.

Trump tweeted Thursday evening that he wants to remind Trudeau - and French President Emmanuel Macron - that Canada and France have been charging the U.S.

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That plan fell through when the White House tried to insist that he agree to including a so-called "sunset clause" in the deal.

"It's understandable that change causes friction", the official said, noting some of Trump's recent tariff announcements have brought stubborn trading partners back to the negotiating table.

The US tariffs have been condemned by nations across the world, with Canada last week announcing it will impose tariffs on as much as $C16.6 billion of US steel, aluminium and other products from July 1. "But I'm not President Trump so I can't make decisions for him". Following the meeting of G7 finance ministers last week, the official statement made a startling break from the usually staid communiques when it specifically called out the US.

"We Europeans and the Japanese are not ready to give up everything to get" Trump's signature, he said, adding that would be a "mistake". They're not admiring us.

"I have no doubt that the United States and Canada will remain firm friends and allies whatever short-term disagreements may occur", Kudlow said.

Trudeau, who has been cordial with Trump, said in March he had received assurances that Canada would be spared as they worked toward a revamp of a 1994 continental trade pact with the United States.

May signaled that Britain wanted the European Union to use restraint in its retaliation to the US tariffs and said she would continue to promote the benefits of free trade.

"In this environment, above all we always have to stay polite, stay productive and try to convince (them), to keep the United States on board because they are our historical ally and we need them", Macron told a news conference with Trudeau in Ottawa.