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This combination is the world's leading cause of death.

But many tobacco users in China and India are unaware of their increased risk of developing heart disease and stroke, making it urgent to step up awareness campaigns, it said. The work of the American Lung Association is focused on four strategic imperatives: to defeat lung cancer; to improve the air we breathe; to reduce the burden of lung disease on individuals and their families; and to eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases.

The measures include imposing tobacco taxes and prices, creating completely smoke-free indoor workplaces and public places.

The WHO said, "The tobacco epidemic was one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than seven million people each year".

A large-scale study that looked at data from almost 70,000 participants found that daily e-cigarette use was associated with almost double the risk of having a heart attack. "The problem is MS has fairly low tobacco tax, state tobacco tax", said McMillan.

Heavy toll on healthTobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure are major causes of CVD, including heart attacks and stroke.

"Today, I call upon Member States to implement measures which we know will strengthen tobacco control as found in the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control", she said.

While many people are aware tobacco use increases the risk of cancer, there are alarming gaps in knowledge of the cardiovascular risks of tobacco use. "This is why it is so important that countries accelerate the implementation of the FCTC".

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There are several factors that have led to the decrease in the number of cigarette smokers.

The theme of World Tobacco Day 2018 was "Tobacco and heart disease". "We've seen a decline in cigar smoking, and lately, we have started to see a decline in smokeless tobacco".

WHO estimates that the prevalence of smoking across the world has dropped from 27 per cent at the turn of the century to 20 per cent in 2016. In 2000, the percentage of male smokersworldwide stood at 43% before falling to 34% in 2015, while over the same period the percentage of women smokers fell from 11% to 6%.Scroll over the chart for details.

Country response: Over half of all WHO Member States have reduced demand for tobacco, and nearly one in four are likely to meet the 30% reduction target by 2025.

It is clear that despite the well-known health risks associated with smoking, many people continue to smoke.

Amongst smokers in the study who were motivated to quit and also had access to standard smoking cessation options (the medication or nicotine gums or patches), the reward bumped their success rate up to 13 percent.

He further said that the government also compromised on tobacco tax this year as well by accommodating the tobacco industry by continuation of the third tier which allows most selling brands with least tax.