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Arguing that "the faithful application of the Constitution is the bedrock of our freedom", the president said his pick will also have "impeccable credentials, great intellect, unbiased judgement and deep reverence for the laws and Constitution of the United States".

Justice Kennedy, the court's current longest-serving member and second-oldest justice, announced last week that he is retiring.

"Political speeches are just that, but the next day, I'm ready to get to work".

Read the full story at Fox News. Larsen said she stepped aside even though she hadn't asked to be on Trump's list, had no prior notice that he had chosen her and had no contact with Trump or his campaign. With the retirement of the court's swing vote, Trump and his Republican allies in the Senate plan to install a conservative justice who could re-define the law of the land on some of the nation's most explosive policy debates - none bigger than abortion.

Trump said during his campaign that he will nominate staunchly pro-life judges who would overturn Roe v. Wade and make abortion a state-level issue. Since his dissent, he has not said publicly whether he is for or against that Supreme Court decision. When the White House was considering the replacement for Justice Scalia that ultimately ended with the selection of Justice Gorsuch, they managed to play their cards pretty close to their vest, and one assumes that this will be the case going forward. "These mistakes haunt the legacies of presidents, a specter they can never shake", he continues, declaring, "We cannot let this happen again". "We can not let this happen again", the senator added.

"Two issues of ... profound outcome, which could well defeat a nominee who opposes them, are the fate of affordable health care and a woman's freedom to make the most sensitive medical decisions about her body", he wrote in a New York Times op-ed Monday. "Presidents must pore over the thinnest bodies of evidence on these people, trying to discern their convictions and ability from scattered cases and the recommendations of others". "And they are going to need cases that they can use to reverse those awful decisions of the liberal majority in the past that have undermined the Constitution and really just abused our own personal rights".

An added factor is the swiftly approaching 2018 midterm elections, in which several Democrats are facing tough re-election battles in traditionally conservative-leaning states.

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They were the first candidates interviewed for the nomination, which the president said he'll announce July 9.

This year, the Supreme Court vacancy comes as Democratic-leaning voters are already motivated, as seen in voter registration, turnout and primary victories by liberal Democrats. He is now serving as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in MI.

If Americans do not want to see a justice who could overturn the 1973 landmark case that legalized abortion - Roe v. Wade - or who will "undo" health care, he wrote, they should tell their senators not to vote for a nominee from Mr. Trump's list of 25 candidates. Mike Lee, R-Utah, who is not said to be under serious consideration by the White House but is the only lawmaker Trump has considered for the position.

If Republicans have the votes to prevail, some Democrats looking ahead to November's elections for congressional control want to give the three moderates room to stray if they so decide.

The first private White House meeting between evangelical leaders and senior Trump officials came in the days after the Gorsuch nomination, said Moore, who was in attendance.

"After countless mistakes by Republicans, we finally have a chance to get this right", Cruz wrote.