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The mission goes off without a hitch until Scott radios back to the regular-sized world for Hope and her parents to bring him back, and we see that all three have been killed by Thanos' snap, leaving nothing but ash floating on the breeze as an increasingly panicked Scott tries to reach them.

While previous year saw rumours of Hawkeye appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp, but director Peyton Reed branded this as fake news. This time out, the trio seek to rescue Hope's mom Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer) from the Quantum Realm, all while battling the occasionally intangible Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) - and then there's the question of where all this ties into the cosmic battle being faced by the MCU's other heroes in Avengers: Infinity War.

It's really odd to think that another Marvel movie is upon us, seeing that most of us fans were had only just been released from the "Infinity War Rehabilitation Centre" following the trauma Thanos caused with half the universe evaporating into dust.

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What happens: Janet, Hank, and Hope are on a rooftop, fiddling with some equipment a few feet away from the quantum gateway, which has been stashed in the back of a van. Let us know what your theories are about the ending and the post credit sequences in the COMMENTS section below. The TV is showing only the "Emergency Broadcast System" signal - probably as a result of the mayhem caused by Thanos. But with Scott presumably trapped inside the Quantum Realm, it remains to be seen how he will escape. Obviously, part of Avengers 4 is going to have to deal with Scott either getting out of or going further into the Quantum Realm. The ant who'd subbed in for Scott's daily routine is not only home, he's having the time of his life banging on Scott's electric drum kit.

That first post-credits scene is definitely worth sticking around for. It's probable-maybe even likely-that when the Stones destroy matter, they're not actually vaporizing it, but instead forcing it to phase out of our reality into another-maybe even into a place that is touching or related to the Quantum Realm.

Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.